Payment & Security

Shopping online at LampLed is safe and very secure, all card payment details are encrypted
using the latest 128bit encrypted SSL technology from VeriSign. This means you can shop
safe in the knowledge that any data you submit when sending your payment details can not
be intercepted by anyone else, not even us! The only information we can see is the
information we need to see to enable us to process your order.
We have several popular online payment options for you to choose from including SagePay,
PayPal and Amazon Checkout  for your convenience, please scroll to see which payment
option is best for you.
IMPORTANT: International Customers
If you don't live in the United Kingdom we recommend you use Ukash or Amazon Checkout
options when checking out your order to guarantee your order is not delayed.



for UK Customers, all major debit and credit cards are accepted. Please follow the tips below to

help us make sure your order is not delayed.

Please type your billing address exactly as it appears on your bank statementWe recommend having the order delivered to your billing address onlyIf you must have the order delivered to an alternative address you must type your 3D Securepassword when requested - If you have not activated 3D Secure on your debit/credit card pleaseread the information below

If you have not activated 3D Secure on your debit/credit card please place your order then call your bank and ask them to tell you what the 6 digit bank authorisation number is for the payment you just made to us. Once you have that number please call our customer service team on 01914871292 with your order number and the 6 digit number you were given by your bank.

Once the number has been verified as correct we can then get your order packed and ready to be dispatched.

International Customers: If we receive any international customer orders via this payment option it will delay the order because it is not possible for SagePay to verify international addresses. If you do place your order using this option and live outside of the UK we will need you to supply us with your 6 digit bank authorisation number for the payment you made to us by calling your bank. Once you have the number please call or e-mail us with your order number and 6 digit bank authorisation code so we can process your order.


This is a quick and convenient payment option for customers who already have a PayPal account. If you don't you can sign up to PayPal directly however please follow the below tips whether you already have an account or not.

You must have a verified PayPal account, You must have your address verified by PayPal. If you don't have a verified PayPal account, or have not had your address verified by PayPal your order will be delayed.

International Customers - We can accept orders from international customers using PayPal,however you must use a verified PayPal account only, and then we will need a copy of a scanned document with your name and address.